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For Immediate Release September 1997

3 Cybermaster Briefings On Connectivity

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One of my most interesting chores as Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society is to interview some very exciting players on the real estate Cyberspace scene. I would like to share some key excerpts from the latest issue of the Society's bi-monthly publication, "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert". The three featured taped interviews -- with Roald Marth, Michael Russer and Sanford Wallace -- shared a common focus on the "Age of Connectivity" made possible by the evolution of the Internet.

The lead briefing featured, Roald Marth, Superstar from Superstar Computing and the founder of multiple technology and training companies. Roald warned Real Estate professionals that "the industry every year gets further behind the technological curve relative to the consuming public and professionals in other businesses." Every Realtor should at least be carrying and using a notebook computer on every presentation to plug clients directly into the Internet.

Marth suggested that real estate pros give clients one of those "5 hours free" AOL disks we all have dozens of. That way the client can communicate free by e-mail during a period of negotiations! He challenged RE professionals to become "technological activists" in order to keep pace with the "digital economy," and he detailed how brokers can create cyber offices to provide better and faster service to clients through today's connectivity options.

The second Alert briefing presented Michael Russer, President and founder of Russer Communications and the national trainer who developed the highly acclaimed People- Centric approach to Internet training. Michael stressed the necessity for Real Estate companies to redefine corporate strategy. "Most companies see the Internet simply as another technology that they can put in place and go on to doing business....My position is that the Internet has caused a fundamental shift in the way business is being done." In advising individual Realtors to prospect using the Net, he explained how to use e-mail to change the dynamics of establishing relationships with potential clients. According to Russer, these specific Internet skills will make or break the success of Realtors in the next five years.

In the wrap-up member briefing I had an interesting experience when I interviewed the "most despised man on the Internet"! Sanford Wallace, the controversial pioneer of bulk e-mail advertising and known unaffectionately as "The King of Spam", explained how to apply the strategies of mass e- mailing, without tarnishing a professional image or risking e-mail retaliation. His contrasting "opt-in" and "opt-out" methods can be adapted for conservative as well as highly aggressive approaches. According to Wallace, "e-mail is the common denominator on the Internet." He showed real estate pros how to harvest prime addresses from Internet sources and how to customize a powerful e-mail list for their own unique purposes. Wallace sends out over 4 MILLION e-mail messages a DAY!

I will bring you summaries of these bi monthly Real Estate Cyberspace Society briefings on Real Estate technology issues and strategies which provide a common meeting ground for professionals from all aspects of the industry. Readers can view information regarding these full interviews in the "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert" and contact Marth, Russer or Wallace from direct links to them at the Society's CyberMaster link at

See you in CyberSpace!

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