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Wallace Want
How Real Estate Agents Can Use the iPad
by Wallace Wang

© Copyright 2010 by Wallace Wang
All rights reserved

Stu Siegel
Preparing for Tomorrow's Real Estate Customer
by Stu Siegel

© Copyright 2008 by Stu Siegel
All rights reserved

Jack Peckham
International Real Estate Best Practices Case Studies
Excerpt by Jack Peckham

Excerpt from: "International Real Estate Best Practices Case Studies" © 2008 by the National Association Of Realtors®

Stu Siegel
The Dead Presidents Club
by Harris I. Baseman

© Copyright 2008 by Copyright 2008 by Harris I Basemen
All rights reserved

Scot Kenkel Photo
2004 National E-mail Usage Survey
by Scot Kenkel, eMDTM

© Copyright 2004 by Scot Kenkel
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 All rights reserved

Dr. Mark Lee Levine Photo
Exchanging Real Estate
by Dr. Mark Lee Levine

© Copyright by Dr. Mark Lee Levine, Denver, Colorado, 2000. All rights reserved.

Real Estate Confronts Profitability
by Stephan Swanepoel and John Tuccillo

© RealSure, Inc, 2003, All rights reserved

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NAR's cyber complement to REALTOR® Magazine is a source to knowledge resources including columns, features, news, plus business tools (on sales and marketing and sales meetings) and advice (on technology and home offices) to make you more knowledgeable and profitable.

Publisher: National Association of Realtors®

©Copyright 1996-2003, National Association of Realtors®

CCIM, "Commercial Investment"
Magazine Search and Text

Index search plus complete text, all issues 1994-2007

The CCIM Institute's cyber complement to their award winning "Commercial Investment" magazine is a source for commercial - investment articles including searchable indexing and the full text of all articles from 1994 to present.

Publisher: CCIM Institute, ©Copyright 1982-2007, CCIM Institute


"Connected 2001 --The Transformation of the Residential Real Estate Industry"

Contributing Author: Michael Russer
© Copyright 2001, Intel Corporation

DealMakers Magazine
Complete text, all issues 1995-2001
The weekly newsletter on retailing and real estate, with insiders information on expanding retailers, centers for sale and lease and insight into what's happening in the industry.
Publisher: Ted Kraus

©Copyright 1995-2000 by TKO/Real Estate Advisory Group

The Effects of the Internet
on Real Estate

Rob Cassam, MBA, RECS
Realty World Associates

© Copyright 2000, Robert J. Cassam Jr, Jeff Parker,
Daniel Elmaleh & Denise Kershaw


Economics and Statistics Administration
National Telecommunications and
Information Administration
February 2002

Unlimited Access to Hundreds
of Major References, Verse, Fiction
and Non-Fiction works with cross
reference search capability.

Real Estate Confronts the Banks
by Stephan Swanepoel, Dennis Galloway, Kenneth Jenny

© RealSure, Inc, 2001, All rights reserved

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