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How to Get the Most From Your Briefings

Have you heard names like Michael Russer? Or Stefan Swanepoel? How about Matthew Ferrara, Dave Beson or Pat Zaby? These are just five of the worlds top real estate technology trainers we have arranged to brief you at your convenience -- as a subscriber! (Each year tens of thousands of real estate Pros pay big dollars and travel lots of miles to hear these big names!)

You can also read and print out the summary of these experts comments! Your CyberSpace Radio/TV archive contains over 50 hours of tips and tricks from the these top trainers that will provide you with insights and to magnify your effectiveness and profitability by using E-mail techniques and Internet strategies.

Here a five Tips for getting the most from your Society briefings!

Tip #1: Once you click on the "Attend This Session" link, your browser will open a new window and start playing the session. If you wish you can continue browsing and "listen while you work"!

Tip #2: Most computer browsers come equipped with the Flash Player, which is required. In case yours is not, you may download the Flash Player here.

Tip #3: Remember also that while you listen to any or all of these briefings you can simply click on "Click for Print Summary" and view a big time-saving summary that our editors have prepared for each briefing. This summary contains a quick reference to all of the money making tips and tricks these clever folks share with you!

Tip #4: In the lower portion of the print summary just click on the links to be transported to any of the sites these pros reference so you can see the material right along with their explanation of how it works!

Tip #5: You can even print out the summary to keep as a refresher and reference to all of these timely tips!