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Wally Bock Photo Wally Bock
Digital Age International, CEO

"Winning Web Site Strategies!"

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When hardly anyone had heard of the Internet, Wally Bock was doing business there and using it to increase profits. He took his publishing company online way back in 1982, and had his first Web site in 1994. Wally brings together extensive, practical knowledge of business, the Net and society. His experience and his research have kept media like the Wall Street Journal and CNN calling for interviews, and his high-energy speaking style has made him popular with audiences around the world.

Wally is the author of twenty books on business topics. He also publishes the popular, free electronic newsletter, Monday Memo-a column on business effectiveness-and produces a radio commentary. All of this keeps him and his material fresh. Of particular interest to real estate practitioners is his best seller, CyberPower for Business and his hundreds of follow-up articles on the subject.

Wally makes his home in the Historical District of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Contact Information:

Wally Bock
CEO, Digital Age International
P.O. Box 1783
Wilmington, NC 28402
(v) 910-343-8661