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Tim O'Keefe Photo Tim O'Keefe
Spider Juice Technologies, President & CEO

"Blog Your Way to the Top!"

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Tim O'Keefe is president and CEO of Spider Juice Technologies, Inc. Tim was raised in a family of developers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents. His company offers online marketing services based on what he wished he had back when he sold real estate himself. Tim is an expert blogger and offers tips to help us not only blog, but blog and capture traffic and leads.

Tim uses his blog as a method to offer opinion and techniques to help real estate professionals capture more business. Because of his own online marketing, Tim is well known around the Net for his unique insights.

When not blogging or helping real estate agents, Tim enjoys spending time with his family. An ex-college football player, in the fall he keeps busy in his off hours coaching a youth football team.

Contact Information:

Tim O'Keefe
President & CEO, Spider Juice Technologies
903 Acacia Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
(v) 310-555-9145
(f) 310-878-0420