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T.J. Anderson Photo T.J. Anderson
Internet Media Works!, Founder and President

"Competitive Marketing On the Web"

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T.J. Anderson was founder and President of Internet Media Works!, an Internet web development and consulting company located in Austin, Texas. She held a B.S. degree and before her untimely death in 2002 owned First UnitedProperties, Inc., had been a Realtor for 17 years, was a CIREI candidate and had served on numerous committees and on the CID Board of Governors for the Austin Board of Realtors. T.J. had been a computer consultant and trainer for the real estate industry for 10 years and was a collaborator on O'Reilly's 1997 book: Net Success, How Real Estate Agents Use the Internet.

She was an internationally recognized Internet trainer and consultant to the real estate industry. Her company was under contract to the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute, the Real Estate Cyberspace Society and various other corporations.

TJ resided in Austin, TX with her husband Gary, Technical Director and now sole owner of Internet Media Works!. Dedicated to the philosophy that communication and customer service are the most powerful advantages of using the Internet for business, they train corporations and commercial real estate brokers worldwide to harness the power of the Internet and to expand their business market.

Contact Information:

T.J. Anderson
Founder and President, Internet Media Works!
4404 Hyridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78759