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Suzee Miller Photo Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Paradigms, Author, Broker, Speaker

"Feng Shui - Real Estate’s Secret Weapon!"

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Interview Summary:

Suzee Miller, author-trainer and expert in Feng Shui, shares her secrets on using this discipline both for marketing properties and for empowering your business and personal life. Miller's professional experience shows that applying feng shui principles to real estate activities has a multiplier effect on business earnings. She begins with a basic description of feng shui and moves on to explain how it can have a favorable impact on personal well being and business effectiveness. She lists a whole series of tips. Something as simple as shifting the location of your desk or changing your office decor can enhance positive energy in your environment. Her tips are also intended to reduce stress in your office and your home. Miller's feng shui energy blueprint is a guide for staging a property inside and outside to attract buyer activity and promote contracts. On a smaller scale, the blueprint can be enlisted to maximize the visual effectiveness of a web site. Miller suggests additional resources to learn about feng shui and to obtain individualized reports on your own power directions.

"Energize Your Career and Life with Feng Shui!"

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Interview Summary:

World renowned Feng Shui expert, trainer and author Suzee Miller will show you how to revitalize your career and your life with a few simple changes that will change the way you work and the way you live with astounding results!

Suzee Miller is an author, real estate broker and Feng Shui consultant. She is the creator of the simple "Five Element Business System" that has helped thousands of real estate and business professionals advance their careers.

Suzee has authored 18 feng shui sales and marketing programs. She speaks at architectural, building and real estate conventions and is a popular guest on radio and TV. She educates and empowers real estate professionals on feng shui principles and their applications in the listing, sale, lease and development of property and web sites.

Her presentations, including "Color Your Listings Sold with Feng Shui," demonstrate unique and dynamic sales and marketing techniques for rookies and seasoned agents alike.

Contact Information:

Suzee Miller
Author, Broker, Speaker, Feng Shui Paradigms
P.O. Box 177
Irvine, CA 92650
(v) 800-499-7844
(f) 949-474-0222