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Scott Hoen Photo Scott Hoen
Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions, Executive VP, Regional Manager

"How To Create A Major Impact In Your Market Area!"

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Scott Hoen is Executive Vice President of Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions. He has 27 years of marketing experience. Armed with a technology background and a solid understanding of how to use technology as a tool, Scott has personally developed several innovative tools for use by real estate professionals.

Scott has been affiliated with Fidelity National Title for eight years and has held professional positions working with real estate agents, brokers and lenders in the real estate industry for nearly 15 years. His in-depth knowledge of real estate operations uniquely enables him to discern, assess and respond to market needs in a proactive manner.

He holds a BA from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Contact Information:

Scott Hoen
Executive VP, Regional Manager, Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions
2510 Red Hill Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(v) 949.477.3772
(f) 714.464.4680