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Scot Kenkel Photo Scot Kenkel
The E-mail Doctor,

"The E-mail Doctor Is In!"

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Scot Kenkel, The E-mail DoctorTM, has been involved in the world of training for over 20 years. Scot is so passionate about training that he has a difficult time controlling his extremely contagious enthusiasm. Because he understands technology and speaks both languages-GEEK and NON-GEEK-he is able to explain simple solutions to complicated technologies in a way that anyone can understand.

Scot has conducted training workshops all over North America and Europe, and he has presented at almost every national real estate franchise convention as well as at National Association of REALTORS national conventions. He is the author of numerous training courses and has become best known recently for his innovative approach to teaching agents and brokers how to utilize email as a marketing tool.

Contact Information:

Scot Kenkel
The E-mail Doctor
111 William Lane
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
(v) 865-220-0111