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Sanford Wallace Photo Sanford Wallace
Cyber Promotions, Inc., President and Founder

"Opt-In/ Opt-Out E-mail Lists"

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Not long ago Janet Kornblum of CNET interviewed Spamford Wallace. He kind of likes the name twist. But don't mention that name, or his real one, Sanford Wallace, in the wrong place unless your ears are ready for some obscene language!Sanford Wallace is not a popular man on the Internet. In fact, he may be one of the most disliked.Why? Spam. Wallace fills email boxes with millions of unsolicited messages every day. That's Spam! Wallace is 28 and the President and Founder of Cyber Promotions. He aims to be the one-stop junk mail source on the Net, and he's proud of it. Janice pointed out that in Wallace's mind, no publicity is bad publicity and all the attention means he's doing something right. She said that in one breath he compares himself to Madonna and Howard Stern, who have launched their careers using the awesome force of public outrage. In the next, he says how much he and Bill Gates have in common, how their ambition knows no limits. There are some messages for real estate pros here and I'll do my best to wring some insights for us all from this controversial veteran of the Spam Wars!

Contact Information:

Sanford Wallace
President and Founder, Cyber Promotions, Inc.
8001 Castor Avenue, Suite #127
Philadelphia, PA 19152
(v) 215 628 9705
(f) 215 628 2523