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"E-Success With E-Cards!"

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Roman Mica Photo
8/2/02 Interview with Roman Mica
4450 Arapahoe Road, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80303

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Mica's Company

  1. eMailaCard addresses the two straightforward functions of technology: to increase revenues and to save time; it helps Realtors to market themselves online.
  2. The service offers online brochures, greeting cards and newsletters; a timesaving example is using the service to send personalized holiday cards.
  3. The greeting card tool can be incorporated as a free, branded feature on your own web site for the convenience of your web site visitors; has found the feature to be very popular in the Members-Only section.
How Technology Advances

  1. Time is required for people to digest new technology tools; once that process is completed, the new technology becomes indispensable, fax machines and cell phones are examples.
  2. There was a huge rush to get people on the Internet, and many initial promises about Internet technology were made but not kept; however, the Internet is proceeding through the introduction-and-acceptance process.
  3. eMailaCard has been a 'bleeding edge' company that introduced electronic greeting cards for real estate pros and now finds itself at the head of a small industry; 'bleeding edge' participants spend the time and energy educating the public to the value of something new.
Tips for Using Technology Effectively

  1. Focus your attention on the technology you already have; apply it instead of allowing it to remain in a box.
  2. The value you get out of technology is proportionate to the initial time you put into learning how to use it; success grows out of practice.
  3. Especially if you are new to the industry, spend an hour a day viewing other Realtors' web sites for ideas about what is successful on the Internet; is a good source for searching out sites to visit.
  4. A core concept of Mica's company is to "use the lowest common level of technology to the highest level of good" utilizing the full power of email and listservers is a good example.
  5. Professionals who are reluctant to get involved with technology need to have a reality check; change in business is driven by the consumer, NAR reports that the majority of first-time homebuyers start their search for a property and/or a Realtor on the Internet.
  6. If you are not conversant with Internet technology, you are shutting yourself out from success in the real estate business; seek easy and enjoyable ways to become technology literate.
  7. Learning fun techniques such as instant messaging can lead to using more business-related tools; take a class.
Benefits from eMailaCard

  1. The proliferation of web sites today makes standing out online difficult; four years ago just having a professional web site was sufficient; now, marketing that professional web site is critical.
  2. eMailaCard provides ways to market a web site: basic service gives clients the ability to send real estate-specific greeting cards, newsletters or flyers to their own contacts that link back to the Realtor's site.
  3. For example, a Realtor can create a greeting card with a photo of a listed property to send to prospects and other Realtors, the entire picture becomes a hyperlink to the Realtor's web site; the message might be, "I've got a great new listing for you to see; just click on the photo for more information."
  4. The premium service is aimed at the consumer; it gives visitors to the web sites of eMailaCard clients the ability to send free greeting cards, the cards have the Realtor's information on them; premium service gives web site visitors something interesting to do and a reason to come back.
  5. Basic service costs just over $200 per year; premium service, which includes basic, costs less than $20 per month or just over $300 per year.
  6. eMailaCard capitalizes on a heart-to-heart, soft-marketing approach, whereas email messages are brain-to-brain; the more humanized effort is appropriate to real estate, which is a personal, high-touch industry.
Card Series

  1. eMailaCard clients can subscribe to have a series of messages sent out to a contact list, for example, a homeowner tip of the month sequence and a home decorating sequence.
  2. The company is considering a greeting card sequence but has a major reservation, frequent delivery of such cards could mark them as automatic and erode their personal- touch value; if they create spam, they become counterproductive.
Favorite Sites and Tools

  1. Mica uses a free Hotmail email address as a secondary address to give people he thinks may put him on lists, Hotmail has excellent, built-in spam filters; he reserves his main email address for business.
  2. The strategy saves him considerable screening time, creating and revising effective filters and groups in Outlook or other email programs is time-consuming.
  3. A good source for online music is SiriusRadio; pick the music genre of your choice.
  4. Google is an excellent search engine to find almost anything, even if you spell it incorrectly.
  5. SatireWire is an entertaining site that makes fun of the news.
The Best Tip for Getting Started

  1. Be willing to invest the money to do real estate business properly; the outlay is low compared to start-up costs in most other fields.
  2. Include technology costs in your business planning; tech tools will eventually make you more money; "you have to break some eggs to make an omelet", you have to spend money to become a top producer.
Contact Information for Roman Mica:

(v) 303 415-2586
(f) 303 415-2500

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