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Rick Raddatz Photo Rick Raddatz, Co-Founder

"Use Your Own Voice to Sell on the Web!"

Listen to Briefing from 08/06/04 & Receive Handout

Rick Raddatz is a genuine Internet marketing pioneer. He is the co-founder of, a firm that helps real estate professionals and marketers use the power of their voice on their web sites and in their e-mail messages.

Before founding AudioGenerator, Rick spent ten years at Microsoft Corporation specializing in everything from product management to marketing and PR. He was on the original MSN team that helped develop Microsoft's e-mail newsletter marketing strategy. Rick has given closed-door presentations to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer as well as to numerous Fortune 500 decision-makers, and he is pleased to talk to the Real Estate CyberSpace Society on Real Estate CyberSpace Radio about new and powerful Internet voice marketing strategies that can help members boost their visibility and income.

Contact Information:

Rick Raddatz
1010 Depot Hill #206
Broomfield, CO 80020
(v) 303-468-2110
(f) 303-468-2114