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Rich Chadwick Photo Rich Chadwick
MultiMediaPros, President/Founder

"How To Turn Your Video Into Customer Gold! (Part#2)"

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Interview Summary:

Rich Chadwick, CEO of MultiMedia Pros, emphasizes the necessity of putting the power of video to work and shares the secrets for doing so easily. "A larger segment of the population has very high speed broadband Internet connections than even two years ago," he explains. "Consequently, there has been a rise in demand for - and availability of DVD and HD quality streaming video online. Chadwick also cites the important role of mobile video. He lists practical tips for using video to market properties, including ways to integrate video into a social media strategy. Much of his discussion covers free and low-cost video resources available to real estate professionals. These resources, his own company among them, can be helpful for creating video in general and Webinars in particular. He offers members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society a special webinar discount. Chadwick also points out three pieces of advice to steer agents away from common video pitfalls. He is convinced that video will have an increasingly significant place in the real estate industry going forward.

"How To Turn Video Into Commission Gold!"

Listen to Briefing from 02/01/08 & Receive Handout

Interview Summary:

Rich Chadwick, a streaming media expert and pioneer in online advertising, tells attendees how to profit from the real estate video surge and to boost visibility and sales. According to Chadwick, “Video on web sites…is becoming expected, so the pressure is on real estate professionals to adapt to its use.” His company is committed to keeping video simple and affordable for agents, and he shares practical tips for navigating the video process with ease. In covering the essential steps to get a video product online, he outlines options for doing video yourself as well as ways to work effectively with a professional. Chadwick makes the point that once video is created, it needs to be put to effective use—and he has specific suggestions of what to do. For example, he recommends a special marketing application for video that is inexpensive but will provide a WOW factor to impress both buyers and sellers. The video-sharing phenomenon online presents agents with a golden opportunity. Chadwick explains how to take advantage of it but also warns about a significant pitfall.

Rich Chadwick is the founder and the chief innovator of MultiMediaPros. He is a pioneer in online advertising, a 20-year veteran of broadcast radio and television as well as a streaming media expert, having been involved in the streaming business since its inception in 1996.

In 1997 Rich founded, an Internet radio site that grew to over 150 channels of original streaming content with over 10,000 simultaneous listeners on any given weekday. During this time, he forged strong relationships with both Real Networks and Microsoft’s Windows Media Division; relationships that continue to this day and keep him on the forefront of new developments in streaming technology.

Rich is involved on a daily basis with the studio’s extensive internship program for major Boston area Universities, including Salem State College, where the company is located. He is a member of many industry and local organizations including the National Association of Broadcasters and The Creative Economy Association of the North Shore.

Contact Information:

Rich Chadwick
President/Founder, MultiMediaPros
Loring Avenue, Suite 450
Salem, MA 01970
(v) 978-740-3922
(f) 978-745-0978