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Phillip McBride Photo Phillip McBride
Real Estate Computer Solutions, President and CEO

"New Tools for Real Estate Pros "

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Phillip J. McBride, CCIM, is President and CEO of Real Estate Computer Solutions, the Denver-based real estate technology company. Phil was years ahead of the pack in his enthusiasm for applying technology to every day real estate chores and some not so everyday. Phil is CCIM number 818 and considering the fact that the first 300 numbers were grand fathered in that makes him pretty senior in the pecking order. Phil also created and operates the real property forum on Compuserve. The popular forum caters to all real estate persuasions including the international set. Phil is a real estate hardware and software guru. Phil has appeared all over the country, including many appearances at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Realtors making real estate professionals even more professional through technology.

Contact Information:

Phillip McBride
President and CEO, Real Estate Computer Solutions
234 Columbine Street, Suite 310
Denver, CO 80206
(v) 303 321-3341
(f) 303 321-2219