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Paul Burke Photo Paul Burke
See You Again Software, President

"Bring Them Back Again"

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Paul E. Burke is the founder and president of See You Again Software, LLC. He is the innovator behind the #1 best-selling professional desktop marketing products on the Internet.

Historically, the Windows Desktop has been the exclusive marketing real estate of Fortune 500 companies such as America Online, Microsoft and Yahoo! See You Again Shortcut(TM), the company's flagship product, has helped thousands of small businesses, including many real estate professionals, increase sales by leveraging the high visibility of the desktop. It is the first software program to allow business owners to place, with permission, their website icon on their prospect's Windows Desktop and Start Menu to gain the "persistent presence" necessary to close more sales.

Paul has a Bachelor's degree in Media Communications from Hunter College in New York City.

Contact Information:

Paul Burke
President, See You Again Software
3755 Henry Hudson Parkway
Riverdale, NY 10463
(v) 800-701-9106