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PJ Babcock Photo PJ Babcock
Virtual Assistant, Training Evangelist

"Save Big Time with Virtual Training!"

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PJ Babcock is a dynamic and creative training guru. For more than 25 years, PJ has been a nationally recognized "Training Evangelist," designing, developing, and building training programs for business and industry. She is the Founder and President of E-Business Solutions, a Pleasanton, California based company that provides outsourced training and education management services to clients throughout the United States.

PJ founded the Kansas City franchise for Productivity Point International. She also led the computer skills training division of National Seminars, Inc., and Comp-Ed Solutions. She served as Vice President of Training for All Bases Covered, Inc where she founded ABC University, a national training center for technical, sales, and management education.

Her current venture, the Virtual Training Center represents the cutting edge in on-line education technology. The Center is now being used by national vendors of proprietary software, including SettlementRoom, Best Image Marketing, Pullan Communications and many others to conduct cost effective, on-line skills training for their end-user customers.

Today, PJ is a leader in the creation and development of on-line training for real estate brokers and in the emerging field of Virtual Assistants for real estate professionals. She plays an active role as one of the founding members of the Real Estate Virtual Assistant Network which has grown in the last year from a few members to over seven hundred members throughout the United States.

Contact Information:

PJ Babcock
Training Evangelist, Virtual Assistant
2843 Hopyard Road #178
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(v) 925-398-6220
(f) 925-485-4578