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Mike Peters Photo Mike Peters
RealtyEGenius, CEO

"How To Be A Realty E-Genius!"

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Mike Peters is the CEO of RealtyEGenius, the gold standard in technology solutions for Real Estate professionals. RealtyEGenius provides the important email, Web and marketing services that real estate professionals use to grow their business, at record-breaking low prices and with hands-on quality support by well trained and responsive account managers.

Coming from a technical background, Mike's 15 years of experience include working for giants such as Microsoft, SAP, Novell, Visa and startup companies such as ICQ (Mirabilis), Quicksoft and Internum. Wearing many different hats throughout his career, he acquired experience in marketing, product development and sales.

Mike also serves as customer liaison with SoftwareProjects Inc., a global software development firm that focuses on the small-business market. That company offers complementary consulting coupled with best-of-breed solutions with a strong emphasis on low-budget/high-return for its customers.

Contact Information:

Mike Peters
CEO, RealtyEGenius
331 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(v) 800-859-9442
(f) 650-745-1448