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Mike Barnett Photo Mike Barnett
InternetCrusade®, VP. Technology

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Mike Barnett is internationally known as one of the most talented and sought after real estate technology experts today. His specialty is the Domain Name Space (DNS system) and connectivity.

Mike is a second-generation licensed real estate broker, First in New Jersey and currently in Arizona. Mike's Grandfather and Great Grandfather were also in the real estate business.

Mike is the Vice President of Technology for the InternetCrusade®. In this capacity, Mike oversees not only the day-to-day technology operation of the company, but he also leads the development of all new technologies and solutions.

In addition, Mike designed and developed the delivery platform for the National Association of Realtors e-PRO designation training, as well as the InternetCrusade® Voting and Survey systems.

Mike travels the country introducing real estate professionals to the benefits of technology and the NAR e-PRO Program.

Contact Information:

Mike Barnett
VP. Technology, InternetCrusade®
7183 Navajo #F
San Diego, CA 92119
(v) 619-283-7302
(f) 619-283-7343