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Matthew Ferrara Seminars and TECH HOTLINE, CEO

"Library Selection - Real Estate, The Next Generation"

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Interview Summary:

Real Estate, the Next Generation is designed to strip away all of the old clich s and assumptions about how real estate should be done and prepare brokers for the future. Remember, most brokerage is "broken" today: the proof is in the continuing struggle for profit, the constant scurrying to recruit, the half-baked approaches to training and the futile resistance to technology that pervades most companies today. This presentation exposes all of that - and will help you leave it all behind.

Real Estate, the Next Generation isn't about fixing brokerage. It's about planning to compete in an industry that's consumer-centric, tech-savvy and quality-centric. It starts by examining the modern buyer and sellers and asking, What do they want and how do they want it? Once brokers identify that the future consumer isn't anything like the past consumer, they'll be able to design strategies to be successful in a whole new marketplace.

"Tech Tools In Any Market!"

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"Getting the Cyber Help You Need -- When You Need It!"

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"Matthew Ferrara Interview 2001"

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"Matthew Ferrara Interview 1999"

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For more than 15 years, Matthew Ferrara has been a driving force for real estate technology innovation. His clarity of thought and sharp skills as an educator have helped thousands of real estate professionals redesign how the real estate industry works as they take advantage of new and existing technologies.

Matthew's philosophy is simple: Brokers and agents need to maximize the tools they already have to succeed in the business. He pioneered an approach to technology that focuses on objective advice, in-depth skill training and world-class technical support-the three pillars of his company today.

Matthew's career has influenced many sectors of the real estate industry. As a teacher, he has delivered more than 2,000 seminars. As an author, his syndicated columns are published in dozens of magazines, newspapers and web sites every week. As an advisor, he has shaped the strategies of some of America's most successful brokerage companies. He has earned the respect of his peers, having been recognized with the Educator of the Year and the Best Training Company Awards in real estate.

Contact Information:

Matthew Ferrara
CEO, Matthew Ferrara Seminars and TECH HOTLINE
45 Osgood Street
Methuen, MA 01844
(v) 800-253-2350
(f) 978-688-0055