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Karen Stefani Photo Karen Stefani
Sold By Design, Broker/Owner/REALTOR®

"Agent Strategies for Top Internet Performance"

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Karen Stefani is a Real Estate Broker, GRI, in both Massachusetts and Minnesota, and a General Contractor. She also heads an Internet support company, Sold by Design, in good old Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her interest in the Internet started when she moved to Minnesota in 1995 and purchased her first computer. (Her family now has a total of four). Before this time, she was lucky to be able to maneuver her MLS system...and had no idea how to even turn a PC on and off! She started on the Internet in the fall of 1995, and used it as her source of education and a way to get through the long Minnesota winter. She saw immediately how this medium was going to change the future of the Real Estate industry. Karen started to research many pertinent aspects of the Internet, including marketing, sales, Real Estate sites and web design. She says that her best education has come from researching Real Estate sites that promote their product exclusively on the Internet and from networking with companies and speakers who are also committed to educating and assisting other Real Estate industry professionals. Karen's company, Sold By Design, assists Real Estate professionals with marketing and web site direction and also offers a "web site submission" service. 99% of her Real Estate client base on Cape Cod comes from the Internet.

Contact Information:

Karen Stefani
Broker/Owner/REALTOR®, Sold By Design
PO Box 1937
Sandwich, MA 02563
(v) 508-888-0707
(f) 508-833-6655