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Judi Wolfson Photo Judi Wolfson
RE/MAX Associates , Sales Associate/Internet Marketing Trainer

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Judi Wolfson is a seasoned REALTOR® with RE/MAX Associates in the Philadelphia metro area. In recent years, she and her husband/partner Barry Wolfson have shifted their primary marketing efforts to the Web. Judi has averaged 60 transactions a year from Internet marketing since 1997.

Judi is also a national speaker/trainer who teaches other REALTORS® how to market on the Internet. She is the author of Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About the Internet-But Were Afraid to Ask and has been selected by Who's Who in America Real Estate.

Despite the demands of speaking, writing and conducting her Pennsylvania real estate business, Judi spends 60 days a year in Florida. She has also established a new real estate service in the New Jersey shore area, where in her first year she has had over $4 million in sales from the Internet alone. Judi and Barry are selling homes in two very different markets in two different states and are still finding more time to spend "relaxing on the beach"-a great tribute to the power of the Internet!

Contact Information:

Judi Wolfson
Sales Associate/Internet Marketing Trainer, RE/MAX Associates
210 Toll Drive
Southampton, PA 18966
(v) 215-817-2811
(f) 215-441-5045