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Joshua Konowe Photo Joshua Konowe
e-Agent, Inc., President

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Joshua Konowe is the president of e-Agent, Inc., a marketing company established in 2001 that serves real estate agents nationwide. He is well known as an advertising professional who can see the importance of return-on-investment in making informed marketing decisions from the clients' perspective. His business career has been enriched and informed by the active integration of financial industry experience and practitioner interests in sales and marketing with a heavy emphasis on advertising.

Joshua has extensive knowledge of today's marketing world, especially online marketing and search engine relevance. Having attracted more than 600 clients in just over two years, his marketing skills and knowledge of the industry have given real estate agents across the country the ability to put the power of a professional marketing and advertising company to work for them. Joshua often appears as a guest speaker at universities and for online seminars, including the RISmedia Conference, to share his marketing expertise.

Contact Information:

Joshua Konowe
President, e-Agent, Inc.
1889 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA 20191
(v) 866-324-3687
(f) 571-323-5023