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Joseph Klatt Photo Joseph Klatt
Klatt Realty Inc., Real Estate Broker/Mediator/Author

"He Can Run Circles Around You–and He’s Blind!"

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Interview Summary:

Dr. Joe Klatt is a mediator, author and real estate broker discusses how his business practices allow him to run circles around his competition, even though he is blind. Much of his success he attributes to diligence: "I get up, suit up, and show up every day." But Klatt does identify an actual advantage his blindness affords him and advises listeners how they can gain the same benefit. He integrates technology both personally and professionally into his work routines. Klatt describes the system that enables him to use his computer directly, and he defines the areas, such as social networking and email marketing, where he uses support from associates or outside vendors. He highly recommends a particular company for help with search engine optimization. Klatt explains how his company has pioneered use of digital signatures for a competitive advantage. As a Harvard-trained mediator, he has put his background to effective use in real estate negotiations. Klatt directs interested professionals to check out the instructive stories in his recent book on deal making.

Dr. Joe Klatt was a strapping San Diego City lifeguard, excellent athlete, competitive surfer, ambidextrous tennis player, and drag racing champion before an accident robbed him of his sight. That was an event that could have broken the spirit of lesser men. Instead, Dr. Joe turned his physical shortcoming into a vector for professional excellence.

He went on to sell a portfolio of property that has a present collective value easily of hundreds of millions of dollars, and he did it all without ever laying sight upon one single inch of the property that he sold. How did he do it? In part, by being a good negotiator. In part, by being a good listener. In part, by being a decent, honest human being. He has no sight, but he mastered the art of listening, trained himself in the skills of negotiation and mediation, learned to hear what speakers leave unspoken, and made language his friend.

Dr. Joe, as his friends call him, operates Klatt Realty Inc., a full-service real estate brokerage in La Jolla, California. He is an internationally recognized mediator and negotiator. He is the author of the newly released Deal Maker: Lessons from the Blind Master Negotiator.

Contact Information:

Joseph Klatt
Real Estate Broker/Mediator/Author, Klatt Realty Inc.
1124 Wall Street
La Jolla, CA 92037
(v) 858-454-9672
(f) 858-454-7288