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Jonathan Cutler Photo Jonathan Cutler
SettlementRoom Systems, Inc, President

"Transaction Platforms - the Next Big Client Service!"

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Jonathan Cutler's career in real estate began in 1985 when he became an acquisition analyst for a large regional builder. In late 1986, he and a partner formed the Legend Group that managed land purchases, financing and the construction of over $40,000,000 in new homes.

In 1995, Jonathan sold his interest in the Legend Group and acquired Premier Management Services, which now owns and manages office buildings throughout Northern Virginia. In 1995, Jonathan also became majority owner of Jefferson Title, but he sold his interest in 2000 to focus on his vision for an easy-to-use, highly effective, web-based transaction platform for real estate professionals.

This work evolved into SettlementRoom, a company that provides real estate pros with web-based software that generates online status reports and manages, tracks and archives the entire real estate transaction process. The company recently entered into an alliance with the Real Estate CyberSpace Society; additionally and independently of the alliance, SettelementRoom passed the 3,000-user mark, a doubling in less than six months.

If we call Jonathan Cutler "Doctor", it's in deference to his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.

Contact Information:

Jonathan Cutler
President, SettlementRoom Systems, Inc
1953 Gallows Road, Suite 870
Vienna, VA 22182
(v) 888-661-6600 x82
(f) 703-991-8300