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10/3/03 Interview with Judy McCutchin

Re/Max Premier
15150 Preston Rd., Suite 110
Dallas, TX 75248

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Evolution of Technology for RE Marketing

  1. The speed and breadth of networking capability is exciting; agents now have access to incredible amounts of information and the ability to build visibility; most recently, transaction tracking tools have enhanced customer service; with technology, agents can gain business in unique new ways.
  2. What is important for RE pros is accessing the easiest tools and structures to leverage basic real estate skills in their specialty (residential, commercial, RE services) to become more efficient and effective.
  3. The purpose of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society is to provide pros with industry-targeted knowledge and support for using technology so that they can free up time for more face-to-face customer communication.
  4. The Society's structure enhances professional networking, and its easy-to-use tools and services build business and customer loyalty.
The Future of the Society

  1. The Real Estate CyberSpace Society is the fastest-growing RE organization in the world today over 6,000 professionals from 29 countries have joined; members are pioneers developing a world real estate community with over 100 chapters globally plus 16 specialty sections.
  2. The Society will continue to work to develop and deliver new tools and services to members without additional cost.
Popular Benefits

  1. The Society offers a valuable array of benefits; the selection allows members to choose for themselves what is most helpful; McCutchin's loves the audio-print briefings, the listserve, Guru Help Line and icon link to
  2. Other original services that remain popular are Real Estate CyberSpace Radio (digitized briefings), the BlackBook Web navigator, RECS designation (Real Estate CyberSpace Specialist) and the CyberPro custom newsletter program (Real Estate Cyber Tips).
  3. Residential members especially like the free personal web site that includes many powerful elements of and the recognition from holding the RECS designation.
  4. Commercial members are especially excited about networking on the Society's C&I ListServer and utilizing the DealMaking Wizard disk, which lays out a complete marketing program; both of these tools are also available in residential versions.
Newest Tools

  1. The brand new CoolTool Bar offers easy access to particular sections of the site from the web browserÑa similar bar can be customized for members to offer users of their own web sites.
  2. The SettelmentRoom Express transaction platform [Society Trac; a $150/yr. value] allows members to give customers real-time status reports.
  3. RealBuyer Express (a $995/yr. value) allows members to search the RealBuyer database of investment property buyers; members can search for 5 buyers for free or subscribe to unlimited access at nominal cost.
  4. The E-Mail Broadcast Wizard allows members to network with up to 55,000 other RE pros with a single message (without spamming).
Original Online Convention

  1. The innovation of the Society is also well illustrated by the Real Estate Online Convention; the event in April 2002 was the first-ever of its kind.
  2. The second annual convention in April 2003 with 300 booths and 33 speakers attracted 32,000+ visitors; 50,000+ visitors are expected in 2004.
  3. The 2004 convention will feature a ticker tape across the top of the computer screen to make timely announcements of convention-related news.
Building Visibility Online

  1. Using the Internet to build image is much less expensive and wider reaching than the traditional model (i.e., sending an e-newsletter vs. mailing a bulk newsletter); a newsletter also can be a web site feature.
  2. The Society developed its CyberTips program with Realty Times and delivers a customized issue and sample email message for members to send to their contacts each month.
  3. The personal, full-featured web site provided to members (quick and easy to setup) can be used as a primary site.
  4. The RECS designation (2,000+ holders) tells the world of the member's prowess in using the Internet to help clients accomplish their goals; the slogan is "The designation that means business.
  5. has a public search function to make members available to customers; all the Society visibility features help members to differentiate themselves from the pack as cyber-savvy professionalsÑwhich is what the public looks for today.
The Challenge of Changing Technology

  1. The growing range of Society services (a filtering of the best that are available) is included in Society membership at no additional cost; the CyberSpace Alert audiotapes and print summaries are extremely popular with members for keeping them current with the latest offerings.
  2. In response to a member survey, a series of guides have been set up at to help members select and use the services most appropriate for them without losing valuable time experimenting; as members' needs change, they can adjust what they use.
  3. The Society delivers services with a balance of online and in-hand methods (Web, disks, tapes and paper); the combination respects the fact that there is still a lot of touch and feel left in our lives and business.
  4. The 110 Society Chapters give members solid, local ground to network and learn with fellow members; the Chapters complement local and state Associations of Realtors and local chapters of specialty societies and councils of the NAR.
The Future

  1. The Society is excited about what lies ahead for the industry and is dedicated to providing members with practical tools to stay way ahead of their competition.
  2. Instead of minimizing the personal touch, cyberspace tools empower real estate pros to be more effective personal communicators.
  3. Networking online and closing deals at a distance allows close relationships to be forged between professionals sometimes without even meeting face to face; the Society fosters this spirit of far-reaching community.
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