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"How to Really Enjoy The Cyber Convention"

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John M. Peckham III Photo
2/1/08 Interview with John M. Peckham III

Real Estate Cyberspace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2003
Boston, MA 02114

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History of the National Real Estate Cyber Convention

  1. The Society addressed the reluctance of people to travel following 9/11 by developing an online event for real estate professionals; the four components of a standard convention were incorporated: speakers, an expo, networking opportunity and fun.
  2. In its first year, the convention attracted over 20,000 attendees, and it has been building ever since-2008 marks the seventh annual event; the technology to produce the convention was developed from scratch, and the Society has patented the process.
  3. There has been only one functional snafu-an unexpectedly large turnout (3,000 registrants within 68 seconds) for the very first keynote speech crashed the system for about 30 minutes; the Society made world news as "The Victoria's Secret" of real estate, alluding to the notorious crash of the first online lingerie show.
Keynoters for 2008

  1. The keynote speakers for 2008 are industry icons Dave Liniger, Chairman of RE/MAX International, and Stuart Siegel, CEO of eNeighborhoods.
  2. Additional speakers are notable coaches and trainers such as Bill Barrett, Dave Beson, Roger Butcher, Dan Gooder Richard, Jerry Rossi, Michael Russer, Stefan Swanepoel and Dirk Zeller-Swanepoel is the guru on trends, and Russer will discuss how to dominate business online.
  3. Top performing agents will share their secrets for using technology.
  4. The convention provides access to its outstanding array of high-cost speakers at no charge to attendees-the convention sponsors and expo vendors cover the costs.
The Convention Exposition

  1. Over 200 exhibitors will offer attendees information about products and services at vendor booths; tech features will allow visitors to talk with vendors, view videos, pick up handouts and learn more at the vendors' own sites; every booth will be customized by the exhibitor.
  2. Visitors will be offered convention specials; nearly every booth will offer a door prize-look for the fish swimming in the fishbowl and click it to see the prize and register to win.
Feedback from Past Attendees

  1. RE pros who have been to past Society online conventions say that they love the experience of attending from the comfort of their own homes; cost savings are huge-free entry, no airline fares and no hotel expenses.
  2. Attendees see all the latest products and services to help them do their job more effectively; they get to listen to 30+ top-notch speakers, check bios and get handouts; visitors can view the videos of the keynotes.
The Cyber Convention Experience

  1. Attending is truly an immersing experience-just like being there physically without the sore feet at the end of the day.
  2. Listeners to the speakers go to into an auditorium with a stage and a screen; the audience sees and hears them; handouts are available and can be picked up on-the-run.
  3. The convention is open for seven days, and four or five speakers are featured each day; speakers are on for an entire day, so attendees can pick a convenient time to listen.
Commercial Appeal

  1. The convention is not just for residential agents; among this year's lineup for commercial agents are Bob McComb, Robert Ringer and Colleen Sheridan
  2. Rochelle Stone will talk about "How to Borrow a Hundred Thousand Dollars and Never Pay It Back;" Margot Weinstein's topic is "Strategies for Commercial Success."
  3. Many exhibitors also will appeal to commercial practitioners.
How to Get the Most from the Convention

  1. The navigation is totally intuitive; a program guide that looks like an open book can be sorted to focus on a time frame or a topic; e.g., sorting for door prizes lists them all and allows you to click directly to the booth of your choice.
  2. Don't overlook the networking lounge where you can interact with other attendees.
  3. Coming to the convention site is like walking into the lobby of an event; you see two levels (one a mezzanine), help desks, a red carpet leading to the expo, moving escalators leading to the auditorium and networking lounge, and a large window with a biplane going by pulling a banner-be careful about clicking on the restrooms because they flush.
Privileged Access to Speakers

  1. In response to past evaluation surveys, Society members are recognized as having a special VIP pass that gives them access to any speaker at any time during the convention.
  2. After the convention is over, seasonal, mini-versions will be held at which a few of the speakers will be featured; Society members, however, always have ongoing access to all of the speakers through Real Estate CyberSpace Radio.
  3. The Real Estate CyberSpace Society is a community of more than 10,000 real estate professionals who obtain services (all-included in a modest membership fee) to enhance their business performance; details about the Society are available at the convention.
A Message to Potential Attendees
The reasons to take advantage of the National Real Estate CyberConvention are compelling; the event is free, accessible 24/7 during the week it is held, and packed with as much or more information as any major convention.

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