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New York Times at, Real Estate Business Guide for

"Great Marketing Tools for Little or Nothing"

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Interview Summary:

Jim Kimmons, who serves as the Real Estate Guide at, concentrates on helpful real estate tools and strategies that are available at little or no cost. An active agent himself, Kimmons looks for ways to do his job better, faster, easier and cheaper. His list of recommended tools and services has passed his own tests for being practical and effective. For example, he names two specific cell phone tools that have improved his mobility and recommends several other high-efficiency tools he uses. When asked to identify the most effective lead generator for agents, Kimmons replies without hesitation, "I'm really biased on this one. If it's not already the best, it's going to be!" He refers to business and social networking and blogging. Kimmons explains how he has redesigned his own web site using a blog format to take advantage of the social media trend. He comments on his connections to three of the leading social media sites in particular. Kimmons also offers advice on a pay per click strategy to increase web site traffic and gives tips to improve drip e-mail.

Jim Kimmons has 15 years' experience as a real estate agent and broker in three states, and he serves as a consultant to other real estate professionals on using technology to improve their marketing and office management.

Jim began his real estate career as an agent and broker in Austin, Texas. Currently residing in Taos, New Mexico, Jim works primarily with Internet buyers in a vacation and resort market. This reliance on the Web for clients has contributed to Jim's experience in Internet marketing for real estate brokerages and their listing clients.

Jim's articles have appeared in Realtor Magazine in the "Tech@Work" section, and his commentary on using technology effectively in the practice of real estate runs monthly in Agent Direct News.

Contact Information:

Jim Kimmons
Real Estate Business Guide for, New York Times at
P.O. Box 2080
Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557
(v) 575-613-4573
(f) 866-802-3702