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James Sherry Photo James Sherry
Innovative Solutions Inc., CEO

"Today’s New Sales and Marketing Strategies!"

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Jim Sherry is head of Innovative Solutions Inc., a consulting firm providing the real estate industry with expert assistance in navigating the changing business environment. Jim has been active in the real estate industry for over twenty years beginning when he directed PRC Realty Systems' marketing and sales division. He subsequently had his own real estate industry consulting firm, was President of Realtron Corporation, the third largest MLS services market-share holder, and after negotiating the sale of Realtron and consolidation with PRC, was President and CEO of Interealty, the nations' largest MLS services vendor.

At Interealty Jim moved the company to Internet-based MLS products that took advantage of the evolving mapping and demographic information systems, contracted for a nationwide telecommunications network to efficiently deliver the new products, created and hosted the largest real estate franchise site on the Web, and introduced a unique, content-rich Internet real estate portal.

Jim is a widely known and respected real estate industry personality and visionary. He is a sought after speaker and presenter who consistently delivers accurate and insightful presentations on the mega changes occurring in the residential real estate environment and on how today's industry participants can re-engineer themselves to insure survival and success in the future.

Contact Information:

James Sherry
CEO, Innovative Solutions Inc.
2720 Harbor Ct
St Augustine, FL 32084
(v) 904-347-1300