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James Marrelli Photo James Marrelli (, VP of Commercial Services

"The Internet Impacting on Commercial Real Estate"

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James Marrelli In his role as head of commercial services for, James Marrelli worked with the The National Association of Realtors (NAR) as he developed and launched the CommercialSource website about ten months ago. Most of his time is now spent planning the next phases for this site. Prior to joining, James headed the product development group for the information services side of the First American Title Corporation. In that role, he created a new department and launched a number of new products that were successfully integrated back into the company.Another dimension of James' career has been entrepreneurial interests including the establishment of a commercial real estate syndication organization in Houston Texas. His investments covered over 200 multi-family units together with management contracts covering another 800 units. James subsequently attend the Harvard Business School and enjoyed the two year mid-career respite in historic Boston and Cambridge. He was licensed as a broker in CA and TX and during that period. His background is diversified - for example, he operated a wholesale distribution company in northern California that he acquired through a leveraged buy-out. James describes himself as ultimately curious, passionate about creating win/win's and totally enthusiastic about helping move the commercial real estate industry forward on the Internet.

Contact Information:

James Marrelli
VP of Commercial Services, (
225 W. Hillcrest Drive, #100
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(v) 805-557-2555
(f) 805-557-2699