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howieConnect, Inc., Author

"Drive'em Home with AdWords!"

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Interview Summary:

Adwords for Dummies author Howie Jacobson provides a quick course on the Google service that is transforming Web marketing. "For local businesses, especially, who want to be found on the Internet, Adwords is the quickest, simplest, easiest, most assured way of doing that," says Jacobson. He explains how this "stock market for words" operates and unlocks the secrets for real estate agents to cash in. On one hand, Adwords can drive hot leads to your website. On the other hand, it can be used to improve your landing pages for better lead conversion. Jacobson knows and shares the tips to make these results happen. Using keywords is at the heart of the process, and Jacobson explains a way to evaluate keyword choices without spending a dime. His ideas cover how to improve an adwords campaign as well as the best strategy for ad follow-up. Besides telling what to do right, he cites two important mistakes to avoid. In this new age of Internet marketing, testing is just as important as it was with traditional direct mail. According to Jacobson, the Google system makes testing easy. With Google, savvy users can get answers within hours or days for tens or hundreds of dollars instead of taking months and spending thousands of dollars.

Howie Jacobson, PhD is the author of AdWords For Dummies and has been an Internet marketing strategist since 1999. He specializes in helping clients use Google AdWords to grow their businesses. He is the creator of Leads into Gold, a home study course that teaches small business owners how to become their own direct marketing agencies. He is also co-creator of the home study course Internet Marketing for Smart Beginners. He has presented at Internet marketing workshops and seminars around the world.

Jacobson began his career as a schoolteacher. He learned through trial by fire how to be engaging, clear and entertaining while providing value and motivating results. He is also a business coach and trainer, skilled in helping clients turn learning into action.

He lives in Durham, North Carolina with his wife, two kids, big goofy dog and little mountaineering hamster.

Contact Information:

Howie Jacobson
Author, howieConnect, Inc.
15 Indigo Creek Trail
Durham, NC 27712