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"Business Building E-Mail Tips!"

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2/6/98 Interview with Gary Anderson

Internet Media Works!
4404 Hyridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78759

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Email as a Fundamental Tool

  1. Email is the foundation for communication on the Internet; an Internet account comes with an email account essentially for free.
  2. Email should be the first thing you get involved with because networking/communicating is critical for realizing business on the Internet.
Email Management

  1. Email is sent and received through an email program (email client); a telephone line to a service provider gives you access to the World Wide Web via a browser plus ability to send and receive messages through an email program.
  2. Popular browsers such as NetScape and Internet Explorer, have easy-to-use email capability built in; Pegasus is another free email client.
  3. Compuserve and America on Line have proprietary email programs that can present obstacles to easy communication with outside sources, so an additional Internet service provider (ISP) account is recommended.
  4. Eudora is a favorite email program because Eudora Pro offers so many extra features and is easy to use; Eudora Light is a good free trial version.
Advanced Features of Eudora

  1. Address books allow you to organize and store addresses as they come in without typing.
  2. In-coming messages can be organized into folders; those that you don't want can be filtered out.
  3. Messages can be sent out en mass to existing email addresses on your list with a push of a button; recipients can be organized by special groups.
  4. To personalize a group message, Eudora and most other email packages allow you to show only the particular recipient on each copy; send the message to yourself and put the group notation in a blind carbon copy field.
Techniques to Build Business

  1. A fundamental way to generate traffic to your Web page is use of a signature line; many email programs allow you to append 4-5 lines containing your name, address, fax #, information about your company and your url.
  2. If you use your full url (including "http://"), the Web address can be a hypertext link directly to your page.
  3. Put a hot link in the middle of your message to bring visitors to a particular part of your page related to the content of the message.
  4. When you respond to news groups and special forums, always include your url to enable people to get more information about you easily.
  5. Set up a guest book on your Web page to help you build a marketing forum within your email program; capture information about visitors that will enable you to add them to your email list with vital references to their needs.
  6. Allowing visitors to establish a free link through your page is another way to get them to leave you their email addresses.
  7. Send your list a newsletter periodically via email to keep them informed of what you offer; links back to your Web site can be embedded in the communication.
Enhance Your Business with Email

  1. Join mailing lists to get marketing information back automatically on topics you sign up for; the CCIM mailing list has become the primary marketing tool for CCIM designees.
  2. Email is a powerful push-marketing tool; sending a posting to one or more broadcast lists can generate responses within hours.
  3. When you send one email message with a posting to a list server, the server distributes the message almost instantaneously to the complete list of subscribers.
  4. To get on a list, first identify it as appropriate and then send a request to subscribe (in the list's required protocol); you have to leave your email address and sometimes your name.
  5. Good sources for identifying mailing lists are and Reference .com - both are comprehensive and easy to search by subject; Peter Pike's Pikenet and Ted Kraus' Dealmaker are also excellent.
  6. Some Commercial Real Estate sites identify lists; for example, sites of the CCIM, the North Carolina Commercial Association of Real Estate and Florida COMMREX
  7. Ray Dixon's Web Estates gives 15-20 list servers from various sources plus mail list groups; the site is so good that the Society's page ( in RE Tools) includes an icon for a direct link.
Email "Nettiquette"

  1. Be sensitive to popular behavior online because how you present yourself through email is as important as making a good impression in person.
  2. Be brief and to the point, using as few paragraphs as possible; people won't take time to read a long message.
  3. Structure a strong, pertinent subject line; it will determine whether people move on to the message.
  4. Don't type your message in all caps, which signifies SHOUTING at someone; caps can be used for emphasis in a short subject line.
  5. When replying, insert the critical part(s) of the sender's original message in your response to remind the sender of what he/she said; avoid wasting space by including the entire original message.
Reminder to Register with the Society's List Server

  1. If you have not already done so, join the member list server at
  2. At the home page, scroll down to "Join the RECS maillist," enter the requested information and click "Add me to the Maillist."
  3. A message back from Gary Anderson will explain how to use the list server; then start to enjoy communicating in our cyberspace community.
What's on the Horizon

  1. Eudora's new capability "Pure Voice" already allows attachment of a short message in your own voice to your email.
  2. Such a voice mail attachment can walk the recipient through information sent, highlight important points and add a very personal touch.
  3. New software will soon be offered to Society members that integrates a voice message and an image with email; the process does not require the recipient to download and open special programs.
  4. The package NetEnvelope allows a picture or document to be dragged to the envelope and distributed; if the information has been received previously, the software automatically updates it with any changes.
  5. Voice files and image files can be attached to messages going out on a listserver; the recipient's capability to receive them is critical-be sure to identify the kind of document that is being sent.
  6. New technology will lead to generic programs that will open anything; Key View is one on the horizon.
Contact Information for Gary Anderson:

(v) 512-346-9158
(f) 512-346-1762

Real Estate Sites & Tools in this Briefing:
CCIMNet web page
Ted Kraus'Dealmaker
Ray Dixon's Web Estate