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Doug Curry Photo Doug Curry
Xceligent, CEO

"New Horizons for Commercial Success!"

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Doug Curry is the co-founder and serves as CEO of Xceligent, a company that builds locally controlled, fully researched commercial real estate data exchanges. He has led its expansion into 15 markets from San Diego to Atlanta in less than 18 months. Doug regularly participates in industry forums and roundtables and has spoken to national audiences at Realcomm and PikeNet Forum on the topic of commercial data exchanges.

Xceligent has grown from five employees to more than one hundred and five under Doug's leadership and continues to provide innovative technologies and research solutions and to challenge conventional wisdom in the commercial real estate market.

Doug learned the challenges of obtaining commercial property data quickly and efficiently as a successful residential and commercial property developer. Prior to starting Xceligent, Doug launched several other real estate based companies including Pinnacle Appraisal Group and Pinnacle Commercial.

Contact Information:

Doug Curry
CEO, Xceligent
4231 South Hocker Drive
Independence, MO 64055
(v) 816-303-5300
(f) 816-303-5301