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Dan Gooder Richard Photo Dan Gooder Richard
Gooder Group, President

"Rainmaker Niche Marketing: How To Capture Short Sale Listings!"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/10

Interview Summary:

"Rainmaker Niche Marketing: How To Capture Short Sale Listings!" Whether you're an expert or a novice in today's short sale listing market you need a money-making edge over your competition. Author and marketing-expert Dan Gooder Richard reveals the secrets of top Rainmaker real estate agents to boost your short sale business with niche marketing in today's market. You'll take away inside secrets on how to target and ramp up a profitable short sale niche in your market area, how to maximize lead generation with integrated offline and online marketing, and how to multiply your short sale listing business by leveraging your existing general brokerage presence. You'll also learn how a niche website is critical to make more money from listing short-sale sellers. Stop spending time and money on mass marketing that doesn't pay off. Apply these money-making niche marketing strategies and create a steady stream of short sale business with Rainmaker Niche Marketing!

"Rainmaker Mar-Ka-Ching!"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/09

Interview Summary:

Whether youre an expert or a novice in todays real estate market you need cutting-edge marketing that works. Author and marketing-expert Dan Gooder Richard details four proven marketing strategies to boost your business right now. In this presentation youll discover how to make lead generation Job One, why combined offline and online marketing works best, and how to maximize leads with web forms and Microsites. Youll also learn how to go green and save with e-mail marketing. Stop spending time and money on marketing that doesnt work. Apply these ideas and create a steady stream of business with Rainmaker Mar-Ka-Ching!

"Master Your Market With Microsites"

Listen to Briefing from 04/06/07 & Receive Handout

Interview Summary:

National trainer and author Dan Gooder Richard explores the topic of getting market mastery with microsites. Richard notes that marketing has evolved toward a blend of virtual reality and reality. He observes, "What we're seeing today is this balance-top producers are doing more of both off-line and online marketing." The trend is the use of microsites to capture online leads to be promoted off-line. Richard defines the concept of a microsite and explains in practical detail how both residential and commercial specialists can apply the concept to improve their business. He explains how to develop a microsite and how to integrate one or many into a comprehensive marketing plan. Elements that he considers include how to drive traffic to a microsite, how to capture leads from it, and how to nurture those leads into eventual sales. A key part of this new reality marketing approach is the utilization of an effective drip-marketing campaign. Richard's advice includes helpful tips to agents for fine-tuning their microsite strategy to achieve maximum benefit in their own market area.

"Trade Secrets For Capturing Leads!"

Listen to Briefing from 02/03/06 & Receive Handout

"Make it rain online!"

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"Capturing Business on the Internet"

Listen to Briefing from 12/07/01 & Receive Handout

Dan Gooder Richard is a popular speaker, author, publisher and consultant for the real estate industry. He has made it his personal crusade to share with real estate professionals exactly how they can generate more leads, more sales and more profits. Dan is the founder and president of Gooder Group, a Fairfax, Virginia-based publisher of marketing materials for real estate professionals and lenders since 1983.

Contact Information:

Dan Gooder Richard
President, Gooder Group
2724 Dorr Avenue, Suite 103
Fairfax, VA 22031
(v) 703-698-7750
(f) 703-698-8597