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Chris Frerecks Photo Chris Frerecks
Kinetic Knowledge / Real Estate Blogsites, CEO

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Chris Frerecks has a 15-year background of consultative, entrepreneurial management, sales and business development experience. With significant Fortune brand exposure and contacts, he is skilled in the development of new technology markets, with emerging products and services, and in managing client relationships.

Chris has worked in emerging technology since the early 1990's, including affiliations and service with Wired, Directory Xpress, MyInfoPage, Toyota and CBS. He has been involved with business-class blog solutions including Real Estate Blogsites & Kinetic Knowledge for over five years.

He has a degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Maryland. He was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Westfield NJ and currently lives in Avon and Denver, Colorodo where he operates Kinetic Knowledge and Real Estate Blogsites.

Contact Information:

Chris Frerecks
CEO, Kinetic Knowledge / Real Estate Blogsites
PO Box 3654
Avon, CO 81620
(v) 800.477.1451
(f) 800.477.1451