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Bryan Mistele Photo Bryan Mistele
Microsoft's HomeAdvisor, CEO

"Capitalize on Today's Internet"

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Bryan Mistele heads up Microsoft's MSN® HomeAdvisor™ online Real Estate service. He is responsible for defining the product's vision as well as leading and coordinating the work of marketing, design, development, usability and editorial teams. HomeAdvisor was launched in July 1998 and bills itself as "the complete guide to the home buying process" offering consumers advice and comprehensive tools for finding homes and mortgage loans on the Web. Bryan joined Microsoft in August of 1995 as a program manager responsible for the business & finance category of The Microsoft Network. He later became the driving force behind the creation of Microsoft Investor, which now exists as MSN MoneyCentral. He led the design, development and release of three versions of the site, managing relationships with key content partners and coordinating the efforts of several product teams. In an interview with Inman News, Bryan said that his best business decision was choosing to work for Microsoft instead of Lotus. His worst business decision -- not coming to Microsoft sooner! Prior to joining Microsoft, Mistele served as a systems engineer with Ford Motor Company. He holds BS in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Contact Information:

Bryan Mistele
CEO, Microsoft's HomeAdvisor
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
(v) 425-882-8080
(f) 425-936-9252