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Brian Jeans Photo Brian Jeans
Microsoft , Director, Real Estate Services

"Is Microsoft the "Lion Coming Over the Hill"?"

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Brian Jeans is the industry marketing manager for real estate at Microsoft Corporation where he is responsible for educating real estate professionals on how to use Microsoft products to increase their bottom line. He also supports independent third parties in building products that take full advantage of Microsoft Desktop and server products. Brian is developing programs to educatemembers of the real estate industry of the benefits of Microsoft technology and he serves asliaison between the product developers and the in users. Specifically he is designing programsand materials to help real estate agents better understand how Microsoft products can save themtime and money and increase their customer base. Brian joined Microsoft in 1991 and worked onthe Microsoft Excel products support team. In the four years prior to his present real estateleadership position, he worked as a systems analyst with the Information Technology Groupdesigning systems for international Microsoft operations. Brian is a Microsoft certified systemsengineer and holds a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Contact Information:

Brian Jeans
Director, Real Estate Services, Microsoft
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399
(v) 206-936-6168
(f) 206-936-7329