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Blanche Evans Photo Blanche Evans
Agent News, Publisher

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BLANCHE EVANS is the publisher of Agent News and the associate editor of Realty Times, the Internet's largest independent real estate news service. She is the author of two best-selling real estate books: The Hottest e-Careers in Real Estate, an Internet marketing primer for real estate professionals published by the Real Estate Education Company, and a consumer home buying and selling guide The Insider's Guide to Buying and Selling Your Home Using the Internet, published by Dearborn. In 2000, she was recognized by the editors of REALTORĀ®) Magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential People In Real Estate.

Contact Information:

Blanche Evans
Publisher, Agent News
5949 Sherry Lane, Suite 1250
Dallas, TX 75225
(v) 214-353-6980
(f) 214-353-0699