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Bill Barrett Photo Bill Barrett
Bill Barrett Seminars, Founder

"Increase Your Business–Decrease Your Stress!"

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Interview Summary:

Real estate educator Bill Barrett shares his insights on “the easiest and newest technologies to increase business and decrease stress.” He emphasizes that constant communication with buyers and sellers has always been the foundation of good marketing and good listing service, and the Internet has opened more efficient and more effective ways to reach consumers. Among the examples he cites is a powerful MLS strategy. It is available on most MLS web sites at no extra charge but is overlooked by a surprising number of agents. Barrett suggests specific email techniques and Internet services that can be used to impress clients and prospects, including high-tech, low-cost tricks for showcasing properties. His ideas cover the gamut from building a better email list and recruiting sellers to connecting with buyers and keeping up with past clients. Even Barrett’s recommendations of fun web sites have a creative business twist with potential to increase an agent’s bottom line.

"Attracting Buyers and Sellers on the Internet!"

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Bill Barrett has been on the real estate scene since he was 18 years old. He worked his way from agent to president of a 22-office real estate company with over 600 associates. He also was a real estate college professor for six years, heading the department.

For 18 years Bill has conducted the annual Bill Barrett Superstar Workshop, inviting only agents who list and sell over 100 homes per year. Bill believes in systems, not just ideas, and he shares the latest real-world systems of today's superstars.

Bill works with top agents around the world and has addressed every network, every franchise and most of the top 450 companies in North America. He has taught in all 50 states, 7 Canadian Provinces and 11 countries.

Contact Information:

Bill Barrett
Founder, Bill Barrett Seminars
8273 Via Verona
Orlando, FL 32836
(v) 800-432-1977
(f) 407-996-3288