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"Wit and Wisdom from Windows for Dummies!"

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According to Andy Rathbone, he began "fiddling around with computers" in the early eighties as a Comparative Literature major at San Diego State University. Because of all the writing involved, he bought a Kaypro 2X computer and a WordStar word processing program. When the professor asked for an eight-page term paper and he could only muster up six, he subtly adjusted the margins of his word processor, squeezing the words into eight pages.

After graduating, Andy began freelancing for a local computer magazine, which had trouble finding writers because most computer "techies" wrote for other "techies" to read, not for beginners. Computer manuals had the same problem; they were aimed at programmers, not beginning users. Since Andy is a writer, not a programmer, he writes books aimed at the general public.

Andy wrote Windows For Dummies in 1992, and as Windows grew more popular, more people began to find his books helpful. Almost fifteen years after Windows For Dummies, first hit the shelves, Andy has more than 15 million books in print. His books have been on many bestseller lists, including the New York Times.

Contact Information:

Andy Rathbone
San Diego, CA
(v) 619-223-4387