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Abe Murray Photo Abe Murray
Google Inc., Product Manager

"Google, Don't Be Evil!"

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Interview Summary:

In the lead interview, Abe Murray, product manager for Goggle Maps, introduces new ways for real estate professionals to bring customers in the door. Google has been reaching out broadly to data providers in US residential markets not to compete with the real estate industry, but to better serve Google searchers and thereby benefit brokers and agents. According to Murray, "The company goal is always to get more information into [our index] and to let as many people see it as possible." Google mapping tools are an effective solution, and he lays out three specific ways that agents can take advantage of exposure on Google Maps. His tips include how to post listing information efficiently, both for Google Maps and primary Google searches. For those who prefer not to do-it-yourself, he recommends a free service available online. Other tips he shares cover how to benefit from the related mapping service Google Earth and how to set up a cost-effective advertising campaign using Adwords. Murray also mentions two new mapping features that excite real estate professionals one that is shared by Google Maps and Google Earth, and one that is a brand new application on Google Maps for Mobile.

Abe Murray is the product manager for Google's Geo team. He works on multiple Maps products, including US Voter Info and Real Estate Search. The US Voter Info product answers user questions around [where do I vote]. On Real Estate Search, he focuses on optimizing the user experience for real estate listings displayed on Google and manages content acquisition partnerships.

Before joining Google, Abe was the co-founder and CTO of Web 2.0 start-up doodleboard inc., where he directed offshore development and worked on marketing, sales and fundraising. Earlier, he was a product manager at BAE Systems working on unmanned aerial vehicles for the Department of Defense.

Abe earned a bachelor's degree, summa cum laude, in computer engineering from the University of Rhode Island. He has a master's degree, summa cum laude, in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and he also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Contact Information:

Abe Murray
Product Manager, Google Inc.
5 Cambridge Center
Cambridge , MA 02142
(v) 617-575-1300